Join our Slack for member networking opportunities and connections.


Slack is a tool that was created for teams to improve work communication. Although it is typically used as a workplace tool, we will use this tool to network with other members to provide a place to discuss various topics and helpful resources.

Slack channels are like chat rooms or group messages that revolve around a specific topic or event. We have the following channels:

  • #announcements – learning about the latest offerings from CTHN
  • #introductions – members introduce themselves and share what brought them to CTHN
  • #resource-sharing – members discuss resources they are seeking or resources they find helpful
  • #general – members discuss any other topics of interest
  • Event channels: we also have specific event channels for conferences we attend to help connect you with other members.

When you join our Slack community, you can search for the channels available by clicking Browse Channels. See the video below for how to join a channel.

If you are a CTHN member, you may join the Slack by clicking on the button provided above. If you are interested in CTHN Membership follow this link for more information.

One reason we like Slack is their ability to control notifications. You have the ability to control whether you receive notifications for everything or for nothing. You can follow this link for more information on how to configure your notifications.

Yes! We would love to assist you with any general or technical issues you may be experiencing with Slack. Please reach out to us at with any questions.


Joining a new channel

View this video for more information on how to join a new channel in Slack.