Below is a collection of books, articles, and media that we believe have effective content for integrating with a Christian understanding of trauma. Please note that CTHN does not fully endorse all the methods, theories, opinions, and beliefs from every author. We encourage you to engage these resources with Spirit-led, prayerful discernment while discussing with others to discover more of God’s truth and wisdom.

General resources on trauma and suffering from Christian authors:

General resources on trauma from other clinical leaders:

Books on specific or integrated topics from Christian authors

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“The Place We Find Ourselves” (Podcast and App) from Adam Young
Emphasis on attachment theory and healing through story

“How to Spot Spiritual Abuse” (YouTube video) from Wade Mullen
Emphasis on language patterns and church abuse

“Three Ways Trauma Can Change the Brain” (YouTube video, 3 minutes) from Bessell van der Kolk

Quick Assessments on Attachment Style:

Christian Resources on Attachment Theory and Story: (resources and handouts)

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