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Trauma Care Toolkit Volume 01

Healing from the effects of trauma can be a lifelong journey. For many survivors, the process of finding safety, grieving their wounds, and beginning to believe in a joyful future seems out of reach.

The Trauma Care Toolkit includes worksheets, handouts and tools to be used by counselors, pastors and helpers who care for trauma survivors. The book is designed to help survivors gain stability, process the pain of trauma, and move forward into health and thriving.

About CTHN

Christian Trauma Healing Network (CTHN) serves mental health professionals, pastors, and lay ministry leaders to advance Christ-centered trauma healing in the church and society.

“…trauma is perhaps the greatest mission field of the 21st century.”

– Diane Langberg, Ph.D – Suffering and the Heart of God: How Trauma Destroys and Christ Restores

For Mental Health Professionals

CTHN is a place where you are not alone as a Christian therapist treating clients with trauma. You’re invited to connect with other clinicians to collaborate and serve the church together.

For Ministry Leaders and Pastors

CTHN will provide you with curated resources, training, and a referral network so that your ministry can be aware and responsive to members of your community who may be living with unhealed trauma.

“Being traumatized
is not just an issue of being stuck in the past;
it is just as much a problem
of not being fully alive in the present.

-Bessel van der Kolk

“I have come
that they may have life
and have it to the full.

-Jesus Christ