Are You a Compulsive Helper?

Compulsive behavior includes thoughts, urges or behaviors that persist despite negatively affecting health, job or relationships. Normally when we think of compulsions, we imagine a person who constantly checks the locks on doors or washes their hands all day long. But any behavior that … Read More

What Are Trauma Triggers?

When someone has experienced trauma, they are very often left with residual and long-lasting effects. One of these effects is what we commonly call ‘triggers.’ A trigger is essentially an instinctual response based on external stimuli that associate with the trauma a person has … Read More

When Trauma Comes Home for the Holidays

For those of us who are helping professionals and ministry leaders, the December calendar usually fills with an influx of people who are nervous (or perhaps terrified) about the upcoming holidays. Their stories range all across the spectrum, and many of their fears are … Read More